Beauty and the Beast

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

In a perfect utopia beauty would really be in the eye of the beholder, we would not make pre judgments of others based strictly off of what we see, and all really would be treated equally. Unfortunately this just is not the reality of where we are. Society says beauty is golden and sex sells. What does that mean for you especially if you are not in the entertainment industry?

For centuries beauty was a signal of status and sometimes even war-the great disguise. Studies have shown that people that are considered “beautiful or attractive” get treated better than those that are deemed as “ugly” or unattractive. We are bombarded with ads that suggest what the standard of beauty is. Some of us myself included are trying to help people everywhere define their own definition of beauty while still understanding we just cant get around it. Many of you have experienced for yourself when you look good you feel good. So to show up in a society where your confidence is at it‘s peak is the ultimate mark of supreme sexiness.

The spectrum of beauty is so vast, I say you only need to master yours. What you feel is your best face forward is all you need to perfect. Taking care of your skin is the foundation for everything else. Skin is your largest organ and doest so much to protect us. If you are into makeup (like me & her lol)

then you know having amazing skin is the only way to achieve perfect flawless makeup looks.

Social norms say we have to look presentable and I agree it just feels good, but dont allow society to dictate what YOUR standard of beauty is. Bask in the glory that is uniquely you whether you are a naturalista or a supreme diva and all in between. In the words of Rihanna shine bright like a diamond!

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